You can rely on our team for professional treatments with personal attention. Our focus is on your inner and outer beauty to make you feel completely relaxed in our Wellness Center; no matter which treatment or arrangement you have choosen.

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Wellness Pearl treatments:

The Wellness Pearl is a unique Spa table filled with heated gravel. The table turns a beauty treatment into an unforgettable experience. Lying on the table during the whole treatment which keeps you comfortably warm. The warmth contributes to the improvement of relaxation, which not only makes the total treatment a more relaxing experience, but it also intensifies the effect of the treatment. The safe steaming together with the separate domes, makes a steam cabin superfluous. The Spa Table is suitable for a large number of face and body treatments, such as body masks,  oil pouring, massage, peeling, steam treatment, hammam soaping,

Only for solo treatments!

We do not charge 15% extra on Sunday for The Pearl

Wellness Pearl Cleansing ritual

45 – 50 min.
Body peeling, steam session, facial cleansing, shower and effleurages with a moisturizing bodylotion

Wellness Pearl Muscle relaxation

45 – 50 min.
Intensive back massage, steam session, face- neck- and shouldermassage, shower and effleurages with a moisturizing bodylotion

Wellness Pearl Luxury care

75 – 80 min.
Body peeling, body mask*, steam session, face- and neckmassage, shower and a short bodymassage with moisturizing bodyoil/lotion

Feeling Well body wraps

Feeling Well bodywraps are preceded by a light peeling. After the wrap it’s not necessary to take a shower. The gel will be removed by the beautician.

Partwrap Back

25 min.
Scrub-Feeling Well cleansing clay wrap.

Cellulite Partwrap legs

25 min.
Scrub-Feeling Well gelwrap anti cellulite-effective in helping combat cellulite

Total bodywrap

40 – 45 min.
Scrub-Feeling Well gelwrap-scalpmassage choose from mango, coconut, chocolat and eucalyptus